Ep. 2: Understanding Facebook: Get Your Business Seen

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Does keeping up with the Facebook algorithm and marketing your Facebook business page make you want to pull your hair out? You are not alone. Facebook is changing and improving their algorithm constantly. Join in on this episode of Success Defined to learn the ins and outs of the algorithm, how to get your business seen, and some troubleshooting advice.

The word “algorithm” itself can be a bit scary, but put very simply it is just the priority in which Facebook shows posts to its viewers. To really understand Facebook for business, we have to look at Facebook as an individual. Facebook wants its users to stay on the platform for a long time and actively engage by liking, commenting, sharing, and messaging. As business owners, we need to create content that encourages this level of engagement.

Live video is another scary thought for so many of us. I’ll tell you, my first few Facebook Lives were not pretty, but that’s OK! It doesn’t really matter if your hair is just right and you never stumble on your words. Our audiences want to see the real human part of us, which you can’t hide so well when going live.

Your Facebook business page should be the guide to cultivating quality engagement. You need to stop worrying about the numbers of likes and follows, and instead focus on that true engagement. The more people engage, the more likely they will become a customer.

I see a lot of business owners make the same mistakes on Facebook. Many focus on the number of page likes, but I’m here to tell you those numbers aren’t what matters. You need to repel as many people as you attract. They should either love what you do, or hate it. Let’s stop catering to the wishy-washy in-between people who will likely never become a customer.

You need to define who your ideal customer is. This isn’t who you want to serve, but who your products and services are best suited for. In a perfect world, those will cross together. But when you’re first starting out in business, that’s not very likely.

Listen in on our second episode of Success Defined with KRose to learn what is and isn’t working with your Facebook page. I offer some simple tips to help you improve your business page. When a potential customer Googles your business name, your Facebook page is the first result to surface. If you don’t have a business page or you’re not running it properly, you are taking a huge risk. I want you to learn these tools to make your Facebook business page a catalyst to growing your audience and speaking directly to your ideal customer.