Ep. 4: Feel Like a Winner with Guest Cody Creelman, Cow Vet

Cody Creelman.jpg

When I say Cow Vet, You say Cody.

On the latest episode, we chat with Cody Creelman, who is a beef cattle veterinarian from Alberta, Canada. As a high school student, riding the school bus home, Cody was told by a classmate that he should go give the vet clinic a try for a semester.

“I wasn’t overly academic in any of my primary school,” he told us. “I had never really even been in a vet clinic before.”

“I walked into the veterinary clinic and I was hooked from the first second I walked in. I loved everything about it. I loved especially the chaos of a veterinary practice. I loved that I didn’t know what I was going to be doing that day,” Cody said.

“You just never knew what the day was going to bring. I thrive on that.”

Cody continued down the veterinary path and eventually joined Veterinary AgriHealth Services — where he’s still practicing — as soon as he was out of veterinary school. The partners were all very well respected, but they didn’t have an online presence at all.

“I was a young buck looking to make my mark on the practice.” Cody wanted to prove himself before partnering and decided to get the practice on the map through marketing. He started by creating a website and gradually progressed to learning more about digital marketing. He realized a website was very static and if they wanted to market to people, they’d have to get their attention first.

Cody got on Twitter, then Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and the now-closed platform Vine to market the practice. Though he wasn’t much of a tech guy starting out — he didn’t even get a cell phone until after his undergraduate — he began to learns the ins and outs of digital marketing.

“It’s really just about self awareness in marketing when you’re doing content creation,” he told us. Knowing what you’re good at and what you should invest time into is invaluable. “I recognized over the years that I had a little bit of a knack for talking to people in front of a camera.”

That’s when the Cow Vet vlogging launched. Cody wanted to provide value to prospective clientele to get their attention. He wanted to link Cow Vet and Cody together in order to grow the practice.

So when I say Cow Vet, you say Cody.

He wanted to create a deep level of connection to have people know and trust him without ever having met him. “When you’re putting yourself in front of a camera, people connect with you quicker and more deeply.”

Listen in on the latest episode to learn more about Cody’s story and how he defines success.

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