Ep. 5: Analyzing Last Year and Our 2019 Forecast

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Today we are going to look at what worked in 2018 and what didn’t, and where we’re headed in 2019. I’m not sure I should admit this because I’m a huge goal setter, but I have no idea what my KRose Marketing 2018 Goals were. I know that we tripled our revenue, and we also quadrupled our expenses. We made profit for the first time. So overall, 2018 was a win, but there are a lot of things I would do differently.

In 2018, we transitioned to more people in the office instead of employees working virtually. I love the idea of virtual employees and we still have some phenomenal virtual employees on the KRose team. But we realized some positions needed to be in-house. We added a full-time business manager, Rachel and we also added a full-time designer, Jim, who are both in-house. They have really helped the business grow. We have found the power of having people come into the office everyday.

In 2018, we really wanted to grow and be intentional in our growth, which means we had to say, “no” to a lot of projects we didn’t feel right about. We let a couple customers go who just pushed the limits and weren’t respectful of our company. We also had high turnover in employees and team members, and we even see that at the beginning of 2019 still. That’s something I’m working with my business coach on to figure out why that is, if it’s something we’re doing or if we’re not hiring the right people. That’s definitely a goal for 2019.

Some things I would do differently like being better and tracking my hours. I feel like I work a lot, but I have no idea how much time I’m actually working. As the owner of the company, I think it’s really important I start clocking my hours. I need to do a better job of checking in with the teammates who don’t live in Montana. Getting on the phone, asking them why are you with the KRose Company right now? How can I serve you better? How can I make you better at your job? How can we serve our customers well? I need to check in on that.

In 2019 we are obviously super excited about is this podcast. If you’re here, I’d love after this if you could head on over and give us a review if this has impacted your life. We’re hoping to move into a stand-alone office with just the KRose team. That’s a big goal of mine. We are looking to grow the KRose team. I think by December of 2019 we’ll probably have three more full-time in the office team members I’ve been envisioning. It’s really exciting.

We are working on increasing revenue and have a huge revenue goal. We can’t wait to grow our Small Business Accelerator, and that’s a huge goal for 2019. We want 500 members in our Small Business Accelerator by the end of 2019. I’m really excited to serve all the small businesses and help them explode their business and help them grow.

We’re really going to step out in the agriculture world and do some new things in 2019. We are going to meet a lot of you this summer. We haven’t quite announced that yet. But if you’re on the podcast email, you’ll be first to hear about that. We want to work, but we don’t want to overwork.

Everyday I read my goals out loud to myself, every single day, in the present tense. I encourage you to do the same and share some of them with us,

That’s just a little look into 2018, and a peek into what I’m planning for 2019. Listen to the full episode to learn more about what we learned and our goals for this year.

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