Ep 6: Finding Joy with an Agricultural Blogger, with Guest Crystal Blin

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Today we are talking with Crystal Blin, also known as Crystal Cattle. I’ve followed her on social media for a while and love what she shares. 

Crystal and her husband raise purebred Hereford cattle and do some crops in Northeast Iowa. She’s originally from Alberta, Canada, where she grew up in agriculture with her family who raised Simmental cattle. They are still raising Simmental cattle today. 

She decided to move to the states to attend college and ended up Butler Community College in Kansas, where she was part of their livestock judging team for two years. After the two years, she moved on to Kansas State University to complete her bachelor’s degree in agricultural communication and journalism. She met her husband at the Denver Stock show and that’s how they landed in Iowa together. 

After graduation, Crystal decided to start her own blog and called it Crystal Cattle. She wrote a post called, “Everybody thinks they should be a journalist” in response to an anti-agriculture student journalist from the Kansas State college newspaper. She found this journalists work to be unfactual, and wanted to counter those arguments. The blog got a ton of traction and she has continued it for a decade. 

Crystal wanted to connect with others through her passions, which are fashion, lipstick, turquoise, and of course: agriculture. 

She had worked for the American Angus Association and then a livestock nutrition company, but wanted a new hobby and got involved in Keep Collective, a line of jewelry that allows you to share your story through charms and engravings. Although initially she worried that the direct sales community was “a little bit spammy,” she continued researching and liked what she discovered. After three years with Keep Collective, she now has left her other careers and runs this as a full-time business with 350 women who she leads. 

“As long as you have a quality product, the rest is all about forming relationships with people,” she told us. 

We talk about how social media has played a huge role in her business and why she continues on this path. Listen in on this episode to learn why Crystal left corporate America and made such a successful career online. 

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