Ep. 9: Identifying your Ideal Customer

Episode 9 Cover.jpg

Who is your ideal customer? This is a question I ask any small business owner who is struggling to reach their audience. I get a lot of different answers to this question. 

Today we're going to really dive deep and discuss why it's so important that you are identifying your ideal customer. You need to know exactly who you're talking to. This should be one of the first steps in business. But oftentimes people wait too long to really define their ideal customer until they’re already months or even years into business.

So what is an ideal customer? Imagine that one person walking into a room who is best suited for your services or products. What would they look like? What are they wearing? Where do they shop? That's your ideal customer. 

Many business owners believe their ideal customer is the person currently purchasing their products. But your current purchaser might not be your ideal customer. The person you really want to work with might also not be your ideal customer. It's crucial to keep in mind who your products are best suited to serve. 

People sometimes tell me their ideal customer is anyone who will buy their product, or women 18 to 50 who have extra income. Both of those are incorrect. Don’t worry, just because you identify your ideal customer and you're speaking directly toward one person does not mean that you will not get anyone else to hire you or purchase from you. But your end goal is to have only ideal customers because you know they value what you have. They have the income to support what you're producing and they're going to be easy to work with because your system is designed to serve them.

When we hone down your ideal customer, we're going to go through some steps. And so feel free to grab a notebook and take some notes while you listen. 

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