Ep. 12: Prairie Californian, A Blogger's Journey with Guest Jenny Dewey Rohrich

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There are seasons for growth and hustle, and seasons of rest and preparation. While our guest Jenny Dewey Rohrich is raising her 16 month old son Levi, she is in what she considers a quiet season of preparation.

“I don’t know what I’m preparing for yet, but it’s just this quiet season of preparation,” she told us. “All of these things that I’ve been intentionally doing will all pull together.”

Jenny started a blog detailing her journey moving from California to rural North Dakota that has morphed into a hub for the things she is most passionate about in life: family, food, farming, and her faith.

Jenny is originally from a smaller town in California called Durham, near the Chico area. She grew up around lots of almond and rice farming and beef cattle raising. She was in 4H and her parents owned a butcher shop in Chico. She worked for her dad at their butcher shop throughout high school and then went to Chico State College. After taking some general education classes, she decided to major in interior design. If you follow her on Instagram, this will not be a surprise. Her home is fabulously decorated and I wish she could come spruce up my own place!

When she graduated college, the housing market had just taken a crash and she had a hard time finding a job, so she ended up working for her dad again at the butcher shop. Around 2010, Jenny started talking meat on Twitter, sharing her expertise. Within a few years she met her husband Mark on the platform. They spoke online and on the phone for a few months before meeting in person. The pair spent about four months together before Jenny decided she would move to where he lived in Ashley, North Dakota, a town with less than 400 people.

Prior to her move, she had started her blog, Prairie Californian, which initially was a photography blog. When she planned the move to North Dakota, she started detailing her journey of falling in love with a farmer, and the lessons she learned through the process. For a few years Jenny struggled to get pregnant. When they’d finally decided to take a break from infertility treatments, she found out she was pregnant. She and Mark had their son Levi and she started blogging more about her experience becoming a mother.

Although she doesn’t consistently blog now as much as she did in the past, Prairie Californian still gets a lot of traffic. She said the continued growth is a sign that search engine optimization works. Spending the time to create that evergreen content has lead people to click again and again.

Listen in on the full episode to learn more about Jenny’s path and her definition of success.

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