Ep. 15: Defining your True Self with Guest Joanna Wilcox

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Joanna Wilcox, known on Instagram as @KetoinCanada, never intended to become a social media influencer. She started her profile a couple years ago when she took the plunge with a drastic lifestyle change: taking on the ketogenic diet. At the time, the diet wasn’t as popular as it is today. She credits some of her success to the diet’s increasing popularity. I’ve followed her for more than a year, and I can tell you it’s more than just a popular diet that gained her such a major following.

With more than 121K followers, Joanna has showcased her weight loss journey with honesty and transparency. Just a week ago she shared a body positive #cellulite post, “We all make an effort to share our best angles with the world, but perhaps sharing our reality: the lumps, bumps, stretch marks- can make more of an impact,” she wrote, continuing, “I am confident, not because I’m thinner or free from imperfections … I’m confident because I am strong and in the best shape of my life…”

I couldn’t agree more, and that attitude is the reason I knew I needed Joanna on Success Defined. A Canada native, Joanna struggled with her weight from about 13 years old. In her early 20s she lost a lot of weight. But after moving to Ontario from Calgary Alberta, she started gaining some of it back, and then some more. She moved for her boyfriend, who is now her husband, and they tended to eat out as a form of entertainment — something many of us can relate to. She also gave birth to her two wonderful children and experienced the grief of losing some people very close to her.

“We filled that void with food,” Joanna told me.

A fan of the TV show, The Biggest Loser, Joanna knew that weight loss wasn’t just about changing a diet or exercising more. She decided to see an emotional eating counselor to get some advice. Initially, she was so frustrated when the counselor recommended she cut out carbs after first telling Joanna she wouldn’t give her nutritional advice on what to eat.

The advice didn’t stick right away after Joanna realized how many carbs were in a cup of yogurt. But she started doing research and decided on December 1, 2016 that she was going to do the Keto diet. The rest is history. She lost the weight she needed to reach her goals, and though she hasn’t lost any weight past that, it is still a daily lifestyle she follows and shares.

“My journey is still of health and mental wellness,” Joanna said. “It’s hard because when you have a transformative story, you have to keep reminding people of who you used to be.”

Listen in on the full episode to hear more of Joanna’s story and how she defines success today.

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