Ep. 13: Focus on Your Passion, Finding a Niche in Photography with Guest Maggie Vander Laan

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“I’ve never talked to one person who has told me they regret taking the leap, going full-time with their business,” Maggie Vander Laan said. The South Dakotan Western lifestyle portrait photographer didn’t know how turning her side hustle into a career would turn out. But she has never looked back since taking the big step becoming a full-time photographer. 

Maggie, who owns Maggie Mae Photography, looked to other entrepreneurs as she built her business, which gave her the confidence that she would be successful. 

“You give yourself so much more potential to be engaging with future clients and working on your business and not stressing about it,” she said. “It was just the best feeling ever.” 

After going full-time with her passion for photography, Maggie learned the importance of saying “no” to some opportunities. “You want so badly to do what you love, but you have to remember you still have your ideal client and that’s a huge factor of your business.” 

Maggie talks to us about how you have to have a life outside of your business. “Give yourself some time away and don’t work 24 hours a day,” she said. 

Although she’s learned the importance of saying “no”, Maggie still keeps herself busy with a schedule of more than 22 weddings in 2019 while she plans a wedding and cares for her one year old. “I really just need to focus on them and make sure they’re getting my best.” 

“It’s great to be able to do everything, but start to specialize in something you’re really good at,” she said.

Listen in on the full episode to hear how Maggie took her passion and turned it into a successful niche photography business. 

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