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Ep. 12: Prairie Californian, A Blogger's Journey with Guest Jenny Dewey Rohrich

Jenny started a blog detailing her journey moving from California to rural North Dakota that has morphed into a hub for the things she is most passionate about in life: family, food, farming, and her faith.

There are seasons for growth and hustle, and seasons of rest and preparation. While our guest Jenny Dewey Rohrich is raising her 16 month old son Levi, she is in what she considers a quiet season of preparation.

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Ep. 11: Coffee, Conviviality, and Community with Guest Margaret Thompson

Today's episode was unique in several ways, especially because it was our first in-person interview for Success Defined. I found myself in Greeley, Colorado where Margie's Java Joint coffee shop owner Margaret Thompson sat down with me to talk about business ownership, the growing pains of starting a new company, and the unique position she has had in taking over a formerly family owned operation. 

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Ep. 10: The Business of Music with Guest Lance Ruby

We are chatting with guitarist Lance Ruby today about the business of being a musician. He created the music for this podcast and is finishing up his masters degree in jazz performance at the University of Northern Colorado. "Every working musician is an entrepreneur ... because you're working in the business of you."

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Ep. 9: Identifying your Ideal Customer

Who is your ideal customer? This is a question I ask any small business owner who is struggling to reach their audience. I get a lot of different answers to this question. 

Today we're going to really dive deep and discuss why it's so important that you are identifying your ideal customer. You need to know exactly who you're talking to. This should be one of the first steps in business. But oftentimes people wait too long to really define their ideal customer until they’re already months or even years into business. 

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Ep. 8: Faith, Farming, and Family with Guest Caitlin Henderson

Caitlin Henderson, founder of Faith, Farming, and Family, joins us on the podcast today to talk about how she got started, her strategies, and of course: how she defines success. 

Caitlin didn’t grow up on a farm, but married a sixth generation farmer, Jake, to whom she’s been married for eight years. They have three children together, two little boys ages 6 and almost 4, and a little girl who just turned two. They all live on a farm in South-Central Kansas growing wheat, cotton, soybeans, milo, and they run a cow-calf operation. 

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