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Ep. 15: Defining your True Self with Guest Joanna Wilcox

Joanna Wilcox, known on Instagram as @KetoinCanada, never intended to become a social media influencer, but with more than 121K followers, she has done just that. Joanna has shared her weight loss journey and taking on the ketogenic lifestyle for the past two years, inspiring countless people. December 1, 2016 was the first day of this change and she hasn’t looked back since. She talked with us about her story and how she defines success today.

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Ep. 14: Learning to Listen to Your Body with Guest Liz Anthony, That Paleo Girl

Liz Anthony, The Paleo Girl, chatted with me about her own journey with her autoimmune diagnosis. As I told you in Episode 7 (Weak May Die: How a Life Flight Changed My Path), I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease on my 18th birthday. Liz was also diagnosed with lupus at 18 years old and subsequently took a journey to empower herself in making the best choices for her and her health.

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