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Ep.3: The Business of Photography with Guest Andy Austin

You don't know you've had your "big break" until it's already happened.

That's what our guest Andy Austin tells us in this episode. He got his start in photography rather anonymously. A photo he took of the MSU Bobcat Stadium blew up on social media. But since he was a football player for the school, he couldn't promote his own business with his name attached. Listen in to hear his story.

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Ep. 1: Honoring Creativity as a Silversmith with Guest Nevada Watt

Nevada Watt discusses her start in the silversmith trade and developing her western traditional & cultural style. On today’s episode, we talk with her and discover how the search for joy has mapped her successful career. She strives to be original and creative, avoiding copying other designers work and the comparison game. Learn more about Nevada and her definition of success.

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